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I have sold one item in two years, I like concept but it isnt thought through, not well executed. I did finally sell to a very nice lady who followed my advice and rented a Home Depot Flatbed to get it home. They know it's still available, it would no longer be posted if not available. For now on I'm only doing online selling, and shipping. What is the return policy? Must be setting my Expectations too High by presuming that a Buyer reads my entire Ad before messaging me with a question.

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  • Letgo There are dozens of ways to sell your used stuff these days. But an app called Letgo wants to overtake services like Craigslist and. Step-by-step instructions on How to use Letgo app for buying and selling online ( with Pictures, Review, Tips & FAQ answered by experts).

    Letgo is a company that offers a website and app that allows users to buy from, sell to and chat with others locally. The products launched in
    No matter how low I go on price, no one contacts me.

    Don't waste your time!!! I initially and mistakenly listed it as free and it seems everyone on the site wants it.

    And the big problem is, Letgo has placed this comment bubble at the lower right corner of the listing, so when a buyer is scrolling the ads on their smart phone a lot of people accidental hit this bubble, which in turn sends one of these crazy, pre-set messages to a seller, making them think the person is interested in their item for sale.

    I'm home all day so whatever time is good for you.

    images letgo app faq

    Where is the company located? It was sold on let go not pay pal.

    images letgo app faq
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    For now on I'm only doing online selling, and shipping. Retrieved 14 April People have the audacity to request delivery on free items.

    Time for me to delete this app.

    letgo Reviews Reviews of Sitejabber

    I wouldn't recommend trusting most people on this site maybe few are decent, Each to his or her own though please be mindful with who you meet on the app, personally I was trolled by different strangers on the site due to my preference in my photo also my opinion regarding creepy messages and flaky buyersThe Letgo team didn't help or look into it they seemed to allowed it, In fact, they ignored it instead of stepping in like I saw them do for other people on the site certain times for situations that we're not that serious.

    Complete waste of my time as a seller and am going to sell them on Ebay instead.

    You can use Letgo to bargain shop or to finally let go of things collecting dust Perform a search for letgo or follow the App Store link from your iOS device. letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. Over 75 million downloads and million listings!

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    Find great local deals, from secondhand. I've been using the Letgo app now for about 1 year. I also use Offer Up, FB Marketplace, and Craigslist. I can say without a doubt in my mind, Letgo is the worst.
    Maybe its time for some new tech guys because this problem has been going on for weeks.

    However, Not on letgo! The letgo mobile app, offered for iOS and Androidfacilitates buying and selling used goods. When I replied back, "Yes, it's still available", I never heard from her again. I'm home all day so whatever time is good for you.

    images letgo app faq

    In MayLetgo merged with Wallapop, another mobile classifieds startup. What does it mean when someone "favorited" one of my post.

    images letgo app faq
    It means that a user has clicked on a heart icon on your post and has added your item to their "Favorites" category.

    And of course they reply back and you have to explain your not buying just looking and it's a Huge Mess.

    When browsing on your smartphone, click on the item and you will open a chat box where you can start a dialogue. I want yo know the reason you want access to my camera?

    images letgo app faq

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    1. The offer wasn't very good. Most Buyers admit to never reading my Ad before asking me questions.